• "Latvijas Kimija" Ltd. is engaged in trade in the chemical and rubber-technical products for over 60 years, as the successor state of trade and intermediary firms.
  • Our company specializes in the sale of liquid technical products and raw materials, acids, alkalis, salts, solvents, degreasers, professional detergents, plastic pellets, plastic, foil, flexible hoses, dry chemical products, adhesives, technical rubber and plastics, tires, varnishes and paints, building materials, etc. Due to the fact that the company works directly with manufacturers for a long time, we guarantee high quality of goods and provision of relevant technical documentation.
  • The company employs experienced staff who can give professional advice on the quality of our products, its scope, the possibilities of substituting one type of raw material or product to others, etc. Qualified chemical engineers will prepare the technical documentation in accordance with EU requirements and, if necessary, advise on the peculiarities of the goods, taking into account its risk class.
  • The process of tempering production is mechanized and does not take much time. Customer orders, we can mix and produce different concentrations of liquid organic and inorganic compounds, organic cut glass, fabric, hoses nebhodimym size. Liquid chemical products released as a specialized packaging for customers and in our reusable containers - containers, drums.
  • The company is able to deliver goods to customers to their vehicles, meeting all requirements of the transport of dangerous goods, including specialized tanker. In the wholesale purchase of goods used flexible discount system. For regular customers may be different types of payment, including the subsequent payment of the goods.
  • We offer you to make an agreementr of sale of our products for a long period in which we can agree on the necessary conditions for our cooperation.

We wish you a good luck and prosperity to your business!